Ironing out the Details

Yesterday and today, we used the hotel ironing board to support Beth’s computer. We’ve shifted furniture, hung up her backdrop and used portable lighting to allow her to reach her yoga students.

A typical morning on this, our six- day journey to Savannah, begins with a quick shower, walking Bradley, our dog, in the parking lot and scoping out the motel’s complimentary breakfast. We are staying in budget motels, so it’s thin coffee and sausage biscuits in the microwave.

Today, we have an ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics)  meeting after Beth’s class and then we’re back in the USS Bierko, our name for the truck/camper, on our way to Charleston, South Carolina – the last stop before Georgia!

It has been bitter cold everywhere we go, so don’t think we’re running around in shorts and sandals. I’m hoping (predicting?) that the cold snap will end as we drive onto the campground. You’ll know right after me.

I am very happy knowing that so many of my friends are following us here or on Facebook. Thank you for your wishes of safety. So far, so good!

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