Charleston, SC

Last night we pulled into Charleston, South Carolina after five hours of driving. Parking the rug in front of a local supermarket, we turned on our GPS to get walking directions to my nephew’s home. He lives here with his girlfriend, Kait (pictured above)..

The road into the city is lined with trees, palms and live oak, dripping with Spanish moss. I like cities with trees.

The city mothers and fathers have kept this town from being gentrified without letting it become an historical artifact. New buildings and brightly-painted homes stand near laid back and weather-worn ones, especially near the beach.

My nephew, Ray, says it’s full of hippies. What I see is people who are into a different version of house beautiful than what you’ll find in East Hampton. It’s more like old Montauk in this part of Charleston.

I had a great night’s sleep and I’m feeling happy today. To that end, I’ll give credit to the company we’ve kept, a mattress better than ones found at a Quality Inn, and a home-cooked meal.

I’m also grateful for the sharing that took place during and after our ACA meeting. I was able to say out loud how very sad and scared I feel at times and know that I was in a safe space to express those emotions. As I’ve said before, this is all vey new to me.

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