We’ve landed in Savannah, Georgia for the next leg of our trip – 28 days in the land of peach cider and gators. Our first campsite wasn’t what we expected so we put on a little northern charm and got a better one. And it is literally next to a little body of water where gators have been known to frolic. We are watching, Bradley, our dog closely.

Lots of little things needed some TLC today. The propane tank was low (could’ve sworn it was still full) and now we have a working stove, hot water and heat.I know it’s horribly wintry in New York, but we’re wearing jeans and coats here, too. C’mon Sun!

We did a brief test of the audio/video for Beth’s zoom classes tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed the WiFi doesn’t become WTF.

We’ve got a mystery to solve. There is a huge booming noise that shakes the campground periodically. At first, I thought it was thunder because it rained last night. Beth wonders if it’s some sort of construction project nearby. I’ve also thought it could be coming from a nearby military training facility. I’ll let you know!

The mood meter is bending towards sad for me, today. I’ve been looking forward to packing, leaving and being here for the last few months and that’s kept me in a state of forward-thinking hopefulness.

Now that we’re here, it’s like landing on the moon after lots of training. It’s surreal, jarring and a bit overwhelming. The sadness is that I have no home. My dreams last night were full of distorted images leaving me with a sense of confusion and concern. And that loud booming only made it more intense!

Talking with Beth, we both agreed that it’s one thing to plan and quite another to execute. And we worked together to recall that we’ve been in unfamiliar territory before. We’ve also felt uncomfortable and overwhelmed before. This talking it out helped me feel better as did getting up and putting one foot in front of the other to deal with the logistics.

Now, if I can just figure out what that BOOM is all about…

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