Back to the Mountains

The Bierkos are back in Weaverville, NC! After a four-day trip to the northwest tip of South Carolina, we returned to our friend’s home yesterday afternoon. We stayed in hotels for most of this trip. Yuck! We much prefer being “home” in our camper to being a guest in a hotel.

As we came over a rise and saw the mountains near Asheville, I was filled with joy. Beth said, “It’s grounding to be in the mountains, to be in a place where we can be in the presence of something larger than ourselves.”

One of the questions we’re asking ourselves is “are we happy because we’re returning to a place we know OR is it because we like it more than other places?” This is a hard question to answer, but I think it’s a bit of both. I like the routine and the familiarity AND I love the rural feel in these mountainous, nature-rich towns outside of bigger southern cities.

Funny aside – we went to a great pizza dinner last night with our host, Eric. While there, we learned that two of the waitresses were former Westchester, NY people just like the three of us! What a hoot.

Our intention is to reside in Weaverville until March 30 taking some more time to re-visit some mountain towns in NC including Burnsville and Black Mountain. After that, we’ll hook up the camper and depart Weaverville to make our way through the Smokey Mountains on the way to Knoxville, Nashville, and the Tennessee portion of our journey.

We are planning on two weeks in Tennessee and then we’ll make our way eastward through the parts of North Carolina we have not seen. Our last stop will be Wilkesboro, NC where we will visit with our friend, Harding, and attend a bluegrass festival called Merlefest on April 30. After that – we’re set to head north for some time in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. We’ll be staying at different places doing some work in schools and later in summer camps.

I’m still buzzing with joy and gratitude after celebrating my 60th birthday. Beth surprised me with a Kudoboard and so many of my friends sent lovely messages and videos to honor and celebrate me. It was humbling and it still brings tears to my eyes.

Over the next few weeks, I will return to writing the book about this journey and starting to put out some music tracks from my album. I’ll also be helping Beth to get the word out to more people about her great yoga classes and workshops, including her “Yoga for Back Pain” on March 26. We look forward to sharing all of these with you!

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