Unfolding Plans

A couple of weeks ago, my high school friend, Nicole, asked on Facebook if we had come to any conclusions about where we wanted to live. We still have a lot of investigating to do, but some possible plans are beginning to form.

Plan 1 is to keep traveling

Plan 2 is to plant our trailer in one or two locations and live a snowbird-type of existence.

Plan 3 is to find one place we like and rent a townhouse, mall home or apartment and test out this location.

Here are some preliminary thoughts about what we really, really like:

1) We prefer towns over cities. Although there are some great cities (Savannah, GA) where we enjoy the flow and design, a town feels more our speed. We’re no longer needing crowds, arenas,  bars, or a great restaurant scene. We’d prefer to cook at home and have some friends over when we need company. That said, being near a city is a plus.

2) We love nature. On one side of our ideal town might be a city 30 minutes away, but on the other side, there needs to be woods or water, preferably within 10-15 minutes. Ironically, Beth and I feel most at home outside of our home, in nature. When we’re through, we love to come back to the place called home and write, sing, cook or do some yoga. It’s a simple life and it’s the one that makes our hearts soar.

3) We like dog-friendly places. Bradley is absolutely adored down here in the South. I’m not sure why, but we call him our little ambassador. When people pass us on the street, they stare at him and smile or hug their partner’s arm and say, “He’s sooooo cute!” Children want to pet him and adults love to ask us questions and be in his aura. In truth, I think it’s not just Bradley. I think it’s the aura of “animals, children and friendly people” that occurs in an animal-friendly place.

4) I hate crowds and traffic. I’m happy that thousands of people like to work or play in some of these great cities, but I don’t want to be there while it’s happening. I had my time in NYC and I’m done with that, thank you.

5) Wide Open Roads. It’s fun to drive around here! Route 11 in the northwest tip of South Carolina is a great example of an open, two-laner that’s surrounded by trees. I love it and I can see getting a motorcycle again.

We’re talking about coming back to the south for part of the summer. We want to see how the different areas are when this side of the earth is closer to the sun. Are the mountainous areas more temperate? Are the landlocked areas as hellishly hot as we’ve been told? Let’s find out.

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