Running the Rapids

Today is our first full day in Weaverville, NC where we plan to spend a good portion of March. We are 15 minutes north of Asheville in a mountain lover’s paradise, 2500 ft above sea level. According to my friends who know the area, there are loads of  “must-see” towns and hikes within an hour’s drive.

Today is a transition day: moving into our friend’s country home after 30 days traveling inside of an aluminum can on wheels.

In this trip, I’ve learned to let transitions happen. It’s like running the rapids of a river. Hold the heck on and avoid the rocks as best you can!

I’m sure we’ll get better at handling the jolt that comes with change, but it’s not without emotional distress. And that’s okay. Acceptance is coming soon to a theatre near me!

I am getting a lot tougher. Today, I spent 4 hours on internet issues. I felt like crap during it and after it for an hour, but I got through it. And that, my friends, is something new for me. For most of my life, I would often quit when faced with similar difficulties. Or I would do an assignment half-assed. I gave up on myself.

My 60th birthday is on March 9. We’ve made restaurant reservations at a cool place and I’m happy to be spending it with Beth, both of us in good health, in a lovely town. Evidently, I’m still growing up. And it’s never, ever dull. It’s an adventure!

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