So Close

 A few nights ago, I picked up my guitar for the first time in one month. Over the course of the trip, I have not felt like playing, singing or writing. 

That’s changing.

In March, Beth and I are hosting 4 metta (Loving Kindness) evenings with meditation and songs of peace. Last Monday, we did our first and we sang some old peace songs. While singing I thought, “We can write some of these!”

And so I did.

While Beth was facilitating her weekly Reiki Circle, I tuned my guitar to an open “E” and composed a simple, beautiful song to add to the canon of peace songs.

Happy as a child, I stepped out of the camper. Beth said, “Are you going to play for us?” and I did. Each person received some gentle music while they were receiving Reiki energy from the group. Then, I sang them each the new song. They were very grateful.

Thank you to Rosanna, Connie, Mare, Katie, Clare and Beth.

I stopped playing guitar because I was far away from my inner muse. I was also lightly traumatized by all of the changes in my life. Plus, as many artists have said, I needed more input from this adventure would provide. True.

An artist’s work includes time to wait and watch, to live and listen. If we don’t take this time, we may become craftsman, technically still creating but without much inspiration.

So close. Close to releasing my songs I’ve recorded, to the next songs channeling through me and to allowing my heart to sing them.


Roebuck, SC


  1. Connie

    Thank you again Scott for the beautiful song – it took the Reiki energy to a whole other level! Glad for whatever inspiration the Circle might have provided you. Let your heart sing!

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