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Having reached a significant number of posts (100), it’s time to evaluate a couple of things:

1. Do I want to continue blogging?

At this point, my answer is “yes.” I enjoy my almost-daily habit of writing and sharing my experiences, emotions and thoughts. I’ll admit it- this is a place where I combine the benefits (for me) of journaling and recording my experiences with what I do with my small community – connection and service.

Having stepped away from a home, this is a way for me to see “you” in my mind every day.

2. Do I want to consider adding a VLOG?

One of our readers, Melanie, suggested that we create a YouTube version of this blog. “If you create it, I’ll subscribe,” she said.

My inner, shy self wants nothing to do with a VLOG. Although I seem very open and unafraid to share, adding video adds an additional level of fear for me. Beth and I have done a bunch of videos in the last two years to build our website (and her video site, I’ve also coordinated the tech and performance aspects of live streaming for schools, libraries, and camps during the pandemic. It can be a pain in the you know whatsit, but the reach is substantial.

That said, a VLOG could be done very simply. I could open up my laptop, talk and then post it without giving a lot of thought to editing and tech. Hmmm.

I could also do some interviews with other RVers. There are some real characters out here on the road! At the very least, I’d like to take some photos of their rigs for a video course I’m considering (see below).

I have no friggin’ idea if a VLOG would reach more people than a BLOG.

Conclusion – perhaps a trial? I’ll give it some thought. Please feel free to chime in if you have an opinion on this idea.

3. Where are you going with this blogging thing?

I’ve started a book. I’ve slogged through two chapters. A part of me wants to look at all of the stuff we’ve written and just compile that into a form. That would be simplest. I’ll continue writing and see how that feels. Thoughts?

4. What about a video course?

Funny you should ask! I’ve started outlining a video course tentatively titled “The Adventure: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Full-Time RVer.” Given that so many people are interested in learning about whether or not RVing is for them, this could be a good source of passive income for us. I’ve already done some homework on this and I think it would be fun.

Any thoughts about this idea?

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