Experience is Our Teacher

As I’m typing this, Beth is teaching a yoga class inside of our camper because it’s raining today in Nashville. Getting things done on the road means making some adjustments!

In the past few days, the rain has been reminding us that Mother Earth is in charge. Yesterday, we almost had to move to higher ground because a creek behind our camper was rising to the point where the owners of the park were afraid it would overflow. As a result, we took the precaution of packing up our camper and attaching our truck – just in case evacuating our spot was necessary.

At this time of year, the campers we’re seeing are full-timers, experienced RVers who are either renting a spot on a monthly basis or traveling around like us. Some have been doing this for years, so we’re always picking up tips on how to live this life.

For example, I’ve been seeing blue water hoses while here in Nashville. I learned that these are special, insulated hoses that are built to withstand temperatures below freezing. You have to pay $150 for one of these electric beauties, but you won’t have a water line freeze if the temperature drops. And it does.

On Saturday, we’re having our tires changed. A woman in Sevierville, TN informed us that tires older than five years should be replaced. Our rig has a single-axel, so a blowout would be very dangerous. I’m very grateful that we were warned by more experienced campers.

Now, we know that a yoga class can take place in a camper, even a small one like our 22′ tow trailer. Experience is a great teacher!

BTW, this is our 100th blog post. Hooray!


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