Time Jumpers

At this point, it looks like we’re going to continue being full-time RVers. We are looking forward to spending more time in the Smokeys of Tennessee, the Finger Lakes of New York, New England, and the Southwest in the coming year. We both agree that the virtues of a mobile lifestyle outweigh the benefits of landing in one place. It’s more exciting, less expensive and it allows us more freedom to experience all of the different things that this country has to offer.

Oh, and I really like writing this traveling blog!

That said, over the course of the last two days, we experienced more of what Nashville has to offer.

Last night, Jeff invited us to see The Time Jumpers play an incredible two-hour set. They play on Mondays at club called Third and Lindsey. This was an absolutely phenomenal, musical experience. If you come to Nashville, this is your “can’t miss it” event.

The Time Jumpers are comprised of top-shelf studio musicians in Nashville, most of whom (like Paul Franklin on Pedal Steel) will have you thinking, “I’ve NEVER heard ANYONE play like this. Period.” They have been getting together every Monday night for 24 years and not only are they good – but they’re easeful and funny.

Here’s an example of what we saw featuring vocalist, Wendy Moten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwCcl4uu36o

And an older one when Vince Gil was sitting in with them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNalzx0Idjk

During a musical break, I said to Jeff, “this was worth the whole trip,” and I meant it.

Earlier that day, we took a road trip. At the suggestion of a local realtor and new friend, Rebecca, we traveled to Edmund Warner Park. Our goal was to find some woods where we could walk Bradley and feel the calm that comes over us when we’re in the mountains or on the seashore. We found both! That was a big score for me.

Lastly and, perhaps, most importantly we got to meet some more people. We attended Jeff’s birthday party and hung out with his close friends, many of whom are artists. For me, this was an opportunity to see how I would mix with the locals and I’m happy to report that I felt comfortable with them and vice versa. Yippee!

Despite all of these pluses, Nashville still has some issues for us. It’s not a small town and it’s not in the mountains or by the sea. Beth loves a warm climate within 30 minutes of the ocean.  Unfortunately, Asheville and Nashville are both four-season, landlocked locations far from either ocean.

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