I have been experiencing sad, scared and angry feelings over the last two days that seemed to come out of nowhere. In the last two blog posts, I walked into these feelings to see what was there. But they weren’t lifting despite my psychological, archeological digging in the cave of my mind.

I have come to the conclusion, now, that this was not a psychological issue – although it affected my mind and overall feelings of well-being. It was not due to something inside of me. 


In my opinion, the energy in this campground or the surrounding area has everything to do with my change in mood. Generally, I’m not a woo-woo person, but I believe that there is a negative energy trapped there. It could be from a crime, too much commerce or something related to the Native American tribes that lived here. I have no idea what it is, but it’s there. It’s the only explanation that makes sense!
This morning, we decided to leave a day early. As soon as we started moving towards that decision, the energy began to shift. I felt it lift. Something inside knew I was leaving and I felt better. (And I wonder, perhaps, if the energy there was happy to see me leave!)
Right now, I am near the end of a a hike. I needed to get away from the campground and Beth was stuck completing an online seminar. The whole way to this trail was energized with love as was the trip to the waterfalls. (Video to come.)
I kid you not. As soon as I left that campground the day changed for me. I was back in the place of love and light and it lasted for the entire time I was on the trail to the waterfall.
Turning around, I began to feel antsy, then anxious then sad. I recognized those same down feelings, a sapping of my energy. Weird, huh? Could it be that my body had a sense memory if the energy I was returning to? I think so.
So, I stopped. There is nothing pulling me towards the campground or anything, really. I don’t have to complete the hike now. I can pause. Sit.
A fellow hiker stopped by. He’s making his way home from Atlanta, pausing along the way to enjoy the mountains. It’s a magical place and almost everyone I see here has that same big smile. It says, JOY.
Further on, almost back to the truck, I crossed a footbridge over the river that flows along the trail. And I stopped, again, to finish this post and to now rest here in this energy.
Could it be that there is a new level of energy awareness building inside of me? I believe it’s so. More to come, my traveling friends!

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