This morning I got up early, showered, and put in a solid morning of work with Beth. We needed to make our “to do” list and get our priorities straight for the coming week. 

We are fast approaching the endpoint of our three-month trial of being full-time RVers at the end of April. Clearly, both of us seem to want it to go on, so we need to get a bit more serious about combining work and play for the next bunch of months. Hence, the morning meeting.

I want to acknowledge that we had a pretty big fight last night. Everything that we were both pissed or worried about came out and so did some of our insecurities. When we crawled into bed, little was resolved, but Beth put her arm around me. That felt really great – to know that we can tussle and still hold one another.

Those of you who have read our blog know that there have been some dark nights of the soul during Beth and Scott’s Adventure. Thankfully, this journey is making us tougher, and more resilient. And that’s what travelers need.

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