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Today has been a great day. Beth and I are talking a lot about what’s next and it’s moving from being totally scary to really exciting. Such are the ups and downs of the Adventure!

One of the reasons I’ve had a good day is that we both love the campground where we are in eastern Tennessee. This location is out in the country, situated on a lake and an easy drive to the Smokey Mountains. The pace here is easeful and the countryside is inspiring. People here are in no rush and that’s a welcome change from the pace in New York.

The nearest town is called Lenoir City and there are nearby grocery, hardware, and other types of stores within five miles. For entertainment or business, Knoxville (and the University of Tennessee) are only 35 minutes away. Asheville, NC and Nashville, TN are both a little over two hours away where we have friends and where there’s lots of music.

This is THE best place that we’ve found where our desires for ample nature, small-town living, kind people and reasonable home pricing exist in one place. Still, it’s not a decision…yet. We’ve got more places to see in North Carolina and we’ve got camping reservations in many places from here all the way up to Maine!

And here’s another thing – we have no need to make any place a FINAL destination. We are loving traveling in our RV and it’s highly likely that a year in one place could be followed by another period of exploration.

Speaking of love, here’s a song I wrote last month and recorded tonight:

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