Just a Test?

I’m sitting in our pickup truck with Bradley. Beth is rehearsing with her Threshold Choir. We are at a place called Rosary Hill in Hawthorne, New York.

This post is a test, an opportunity to see if the new WordPress site is functioning properly. I suppose it could be a little more than that, so let’s give it a whirl.

First of all, Threshold Choir is something really special. Comprised of mostly women, these small choirs sing at the bedsides of the sick or dying in their homes or hospices. Rosary Hill, where they are today, is the Westchester group’s home. This group of about ten women is one of over 150 similar groups worldwide. Wow.

And it HAS been a long time since I posted. Please forgive us if you thought we had come face to face with an accident or some such nastiness.

On that score, one friend said, “the last I heard you had fallen into a river and knocked your head. I feared the worst!” Oops.

We are fine and dandy, healthy and ready for more adventures

Thus ends today’s test! (I hope we pass.)

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