Tech Update

Tech Update

Welcome to our new virtual home! Previously, the Adventure was on a website called Blogger which was a great place to begin the journey. Eventually, though, we learned that to provide subscribers with the best experience, we needed to move to a new site.

Like most things in my life, I received some help. Thanks go to two of my developer friends in India and Pakistan who developed the new WordPress site and connected it to Mailchimp. I hope that you like it.

What’s New on the Adventure?

Since we last checked-in, we’ve enjoyed a delicious three-day stay with our buddy, Bill G., in Bryn Mawr, PA. Longtime readers of this blog may recall that on February 2nd, we left our home in Yorktown Heights, NY and landed in Bill’s driveway – tired and happy to be done with the messiness of moving.

Being with Bill, then, was a poetic way to mark the end of our southern adventure and, once again, pause before making our next move.

As I write this, Beth is leading her Saturday morning yoga class. Accompanying her is another one of our great friends, Holly B., who is hosting us at her home in East Northport, New York (Suffolk County, Long Island). Next to them both is Bradley, our steadfast traveling companion.

If I haven’t said it before, I am extremely happy that Bradley – nearly 14 years old – has joined us for this chapter in his life. He is our ambassador to meet new people. He encourages me to slow down, to look, smell and, oftentimes, sit down and rest.  I imagine that this RV trip is his retirement adventure and I’m glad to provide him with this opportunity.

Playing Live Again

In addition to spending time with Holly’s wonderful family, we’re returning to a bunch of school gigs during May and June. Thankfully, many elementary schools have started having live assemblies and workshops again. Hooray! So far, we’ve visited two schools and we’ve got a third one on Monday. After that, we return to Westchester to stay with another fantastic couple (aren’t we lucky to have so many good friends), Paul and Sandi.

Is it Tough Coming Back to New York?

I think that anyone who has gone on a long vacation or been away from home for a long period is familiar with the transition. On one hand, I’m sad that this chapter of the trip has ended and we’re returning to a combination of hyper, New York energy and work in the schools. It’s a big change.

I’ve moved through some grief and fear, but the truth is that we have wonderful friends, a cool job and we’re healthy and fortunate to have all of the above. I think that the Adventure has made me tougher, more curious and vulnerable in a good way. I think I’m more flexible, emotionally speaking, and I now have better tools to deal with complex situations. I can get outside with Bradley for a walk, talk with Beth and share honestly with her and our close friends. I can reach out to my mom or our daughters and regain my balance. This is good. Life is good.


  1. Donna Streibich

    Yay! Glad you guys are good…I was worried–thought I lost the blog–fun adventuring with you both and Bradley–as an arm chair traveler!
    I almost feel like I am reading writings from an accidental tourist.

    Enjoy the adventure and keep writing and singing!



    1. Post

      Dear Donna – we will continue to do all of the above! And I love your reference to “The Accidental Tourist”. I moved that book and see myself in them, too.

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