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Yesterday, we took the John Lennon Real Love Project to a new type of venue in the Bronx.

Just as Rosemarie D’Amicio, our contact at the school, predicted – John’s messages of equality, peace and love were a fine match for this school’s culture. The students and teachers took to re-writing the lyrics of Lennon’s “Real Love” with the usual zeal we expect from presenting this program and then some!

The New York Institute for Special Education off of Pelham Parkway – is a beautiful campus serving children who are blind or partially sighted. Although we’ve worked with kids and adults with different abilities, this is our first time bringing the Lennon program to this type of facility.

Naum, Scott Bierko, Rosemarie D'Amico and Beth Bierko
Naum Shulman, Scott Bierko, Rosemarie D’Amico and Beth Bierko

In these sessions, we had discussions and wrote lyrics that went directly to the unique experiences blind or partially sighted people face. As co-writers and teaching artists, Beth and I were very pleased by the process. The children, ranging in ages from 7-17, were creative, honest, generous and interactive.

The more I do this project, the more I am convinced that Lennon’s legacy is alive and well. It’s just our job to nurture it.

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