Turkey Mountain

When I think of the places I’ve lived or visited in my life, I picture the buildings, the roads or the people first. But when I think of what I felt about each place, I invariably return to the environment – the sights and smells that I experienced walking outside of the home. I’m a Nature Boy!

In my twenties, I lived in Greenwich Village. It was a dingy little place on the fifth floor of a tenement home on Commerce Street off of 7th Avenue, so I spent as little time as I could in the flat.

What I liked best about living in the Village were the walks through the neighborhood, especially early in the morning when the shopkeepers arrived to hose down the sidewalk in front of their stores, probably the same way similar storeowners had done for generations. I liked the smell of fresh bread and the morning light shining off the puddles of the early morning rain.

When I returned this week to the Hudson Valley, I was immediately struck by the lushness of Spring. The greenery is astounding and so I immediately said to Beth, “Let’s go to Turkey Mountain!”

On a clear day, you can see the NYC skyline from the summit as well as the Hudson River and other bodies of water. Right in front of us are ferns and large boulders, all manner of trees and roots and squirrels scurrying among it all. Not unlike our hikes in the southern states, the outdoors never fails to deliver me to a place of serenity.

I’d love to hear what you love about being outside!

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