Bierko Strong!

Yesterday was a doozy!

After leaving Katonah, NY, we followed the directions our RV app gave us (remind me to question its routes) and arrived in Sullivan County at the campground where we were set to spend the next 8 nights.

That was the plan. Before I give you the play-by-play, let me just say two things:

1) When we started the Adventure and for many weeks after that, Beth and I would often get testy with one another while arriving, setting up or leaving a site. We were scared and we projected our fear on one another (Bad Marriage Advice 1001).

2) In all of the 40 or so RV campsites we’ve stayed, they have all been uniform in one important way – the roads are paved (or gravel) and the pads where one parks the RV are, too. When you’re driving around 10-30,000 lbs of truck snd RV, this is necessary. Also, most campgrounds have someone to guide you to your site to ensure that you can pull-in or back-in and that all of the hookups are sound. That’s the status quo.

Yesterday’s campground was a nightmare. Nothing was paved and all of the roads in and out of the sites were wooded, root-filled and treacherous. It was like entering a backwoods horror movie where we were going to end up stuck with a broken RV or truck. Add to that, we were informed that the bath house had a burst pipe and was inoperable.

To be fair, there were some sites where an RV could fit, but the one they assigned us was deep into the Catskills woods and, unfortunately, unparkable (new word). Not only that, having arrived at the unlevel and tiny site, there was no way to turn around. And we HAD to turn around to get the hell out of Dodge. And did I mention there was no internet or phone service to contact the office or research options?

This is where Bierko Strong kicked in. Beth got behind the trailer like a forest ranger/air traffic controller and gave me the necessary verbal and physical signs to escape the woods in reverse. Now, keep in mind – everywhere we looked were menacingly large trees, stumps and drop offs. It was, if we let it be, a heart-stopping, start-crying and run for Mommy moment.

5 months of traveling together has transformed us, though. Yes, we received help (and a refund) from the campground and our good friends, Gary and Judy, let us transfer to their yard for the week. With help from kind people, it has all worked out – probably exactly as it was meant to.

I’m just so proud of us, though, because a situation that might have torn us apart, brought us together! Bierko Strong – in us and in our children – is now who we are.


  1. Tina

    …and now you know why my husband has reservations about camping. Perhaps being trapped in a small vehicle with just me could be intimidating:-) xox

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