Make the Most of Every Day

We enjoyed the first annual Hurleyville Performing Arts Festival on Saturday. It was a picture-perfect Spring afternoon, so it felt glorious to be outdoors in the sun, enjoying some original music and the vibe of shared community.

In-between sets, we shopped for some new hiking boots and got a real education in buying the right shoes from Lisa at Morgan Outdoors. Thanks to Judy Siegel for sending us to Lisa’s place for hiking suggestions and more. It was our pleasure to buy local! And we left behind our shoeboxes so that she could give a moth a new home. Read on!

Lisa turned us on to the Cecropia, a special and beautiful moth who’s lifecycle is merely 2 weeks as a flying creature. She captured the metamorphosis here in her store:

The shoe boxes we left behind will serve as new homes.

If I had only two weeks to live, would I worry who thought what about me? Who would I call up to say “I love you” or “All is forgiven?”

Might we let go of our fear and fly knowing that our time here IS limited? This is the question I ask myself today.

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