Pools and Plays

Today, we left Croton Point (we’ll be back in July) and arrived at a friend’s home in Garrison for a long weekend. While Beth taught her 12 pm yoga class, I set up the camper and built up a good sweat in the eighty-something degree heat. No matter! When the work was done, I stripped down, put on my bathing suit for the first time this season, and jumped into the pool. “Invigorating, essential and relaxing” are three words that come to mind.

When I was a little boy, my parents flew my brother and I down to visit our maternal grandparents in Miami Beach, Florida. If memory serves, it was a summer ritual prior to our switching over to sleep-away summer camps in Maine. In both locations, though, my Piscean self enjoyed every minute of every day that was spent in the water. I was even part of “the polar bear club” in Maine that swam in the lake every morning before Reville. I still prefer the running plunge or dive into the water much more than the gradual approach. That’s my personality, I guess!

Tonight, we’re going to NYC to watch my brother Craig strut his stuff. He’s in a play called “The Girl from the North Country.” I know nothing about it other than it’s full of Bob Dylan songs. Again, I’m plunging in not knowing what will happen!

Truth is, I don’t like to listen to other people’s opinions before I see a show, movie or – for that matter – jump in a pool. I prefer the unique, visceral experience that floods me with feeings as opposed to the brain-driven, analytical approach. I think that’s why I love hiking to a waterfall, skiing down a mountain and would probably enjoy jumping out of an airplane. It’s the same rush I get when we come to a new school and do a songwriting workshop with a new group of people. It’s a headlong jump into feelings (and some thoughts) that feels like a life well-lived.

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