Tompkins Corners

Tonight, we accompanied our hosts to Tompkins Corners Cultural Center in Peekskill Hollow to see “Out to Lunch,” a group that blends bluegrass, Celtic, and some jazz standards, The Center is located inside of an old church and we sat in the former pews. Luckily, the only preaching was the musical kind and it was lots of fun.

I took Bradley to his annual veterinary exam and boy oh boy did he squirm. He’s been seeing the same doc for all of his 14 years and has never failed to make a royal fuss. He’s healthy, thank God, and the vet says he acts like he could live another 10 years. Good food and clean living!

On the way home from the concert, we talked a little about the best and worst parts of traveling. The best parts for me are simplicity, nature, and a lack of boredom! I also enjoy building new friendships or strengthening old ones.

The worst part is harder to name, though many readers of these pages could probably cite my emotional “downs” including fear, grief and anxiety. It’s been hard to pack up and leave a lifestyle, a neighborhood, and a career that was pretty constant for almost 30 years.

Have I mentioned that Steph, our youngest daughter, completed her cross-country bike trip? She did 3500 miles – mostly alone – from Florida to California. Wow! The last couple of weeks through mountains, deserts, and with an eye infection were tough. But Steph is Bierko Strong!

Speaking of which, it was great to see Craig’s play last night. He aced the role and I’m so proud of him for learning the role really fast and doing so while his longtime canine companion, Boo, fought and lost her battle with cancer. Craig, too, is Bierko Strong!

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