Less is More

Yesterday, we parked the rig in Garrison, NY, a place where the sweltering heat may be of epic proportion, but so is the wonderful beauty of an inground swimming pool!

When the Adventure commenced, I was still in a headspace where accepting kindness and love from others was difficult. Our friends Eric, Bill, Kevin, Suzy, Blake, Sharon, Cat and Kevin have all taught me something, though: it’s possible to receive kindness and love without the need to reciprocate in equal measure.

So, as I look ahead to a 10-day stretch of waking up next to a pool, of hummingbirds outside the window, of fresh fruit smoothies, and with an opportunity to just relax – I know that I’ve learned something new – how to accept a gift more fully and without reservation.

I haven’t earned it. This is not a reward for being a good boy. I just get it because someone said, “Here. This is for you.” Wow.

Y’see I’ve always been a doer with a mind to earn my keep. I learned early on that “the early bird catches the worm” and fashioned my inner landscape to keep scratching in the dirt for those critters. I developed a work ethic that has, at times, brought me success, but at a price. I did not know how to come to a full stop, to take vacations or to fully accept the love that was offered to me. In my past, I would have thought “what do I have to do in return for this 10-day break?”

We all grow up in different ways. Some folks need to learn how to do more and others, like me, have to learn how to do less. This is not the difference between a workaholic and a lazy bum, I’m speaking of. I’m talking about self-care and self-worth, my friends. What motivates most workaholics is not money and fame – it’s a lack of self-worth. We work hard because we know no other way to be. Until we do!

So, this week and part of the next I have a goal – to wake up, walk the dog, do some work, swim, eat healthy food (most of the time) and rest. I want to laugh and I want to smile and I want to sing for a while, too.

What about you?

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