The Flow

“Every ending is a beginning” I wrote in a simple song, long ago. Yesterday, I heard someone say, “Every ending was once a beginning.” I like that, too.

The fluidity of life is real to me, though I sometimes feel stuck. That brings to mind another quote: “Everything works out in the end, so if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.”

Quotes like these can be a rock to hold onto in a rough sea.

Think of all the challenges we are facing, today. It’s the stormiest time we’ve ever known when one takes into account climate change on top of all the political, anti-woman and wars around the globe.

My belief is that America is on the decline and has been for awhile. That said, I hope that it’s a moment we might refer back to as our adolescence, a period of time between our childhood (roughly, the first 200 years) and a maturity sometime in our future.

In my lifetime, we have ALWAYS had the ability to blow ourselves up. The atomic/nuclear threat, ironically, wasn’t the biggest threat to our well being. It is climate and competition run amuck.

I’m not an expert and others can describe our situation much better. What I do know, though, is that we are in crisis. In psychological terms, this is the trauma of our country’s development and we will either use it to learn or go the way of other empires.

For me, the answer is to see clearly, act with compassion and plug into the Flow (I call it God). I must work to finish my own adolescence. That’s everyone’s job – to grow up and figure out how to be our best, imperfect, curious, loving despite our differences selves.

And that is the real Adventure.

On a more mundane level, we depart Croton Point Park in Westchester, NY, this morning. We will be staying in Garrison, NY for 10-11 days and then it’s off to New England for the month of August.

I am enjoying this time in NY with family and friends, getting some logistical needs met (like contact lenses and haircuts) and, it must be said, working our buns off in summer camps and libraries. The kids, counselors and staff have all been wonderful from Newark to New Rochelle.

Yesterday, Beth taught a yoga class in-between shows, so I had 45 minutes to just hang out. I chose to eat lunch with the campers at Mount Tom Day Camp. Imagine me surrounded by one hundred 2-7 year olds chatting amicably about whatever they wanted to talk about. It was fun to be in their energy, a place that infuses me with wonder and hope. If you’re feeling down about the world, I suggest you try and spend some time with little kids. They remind us of who we were and are – curious, compassionate and uninterested in anything but laughter and a slice of pizza.

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