Next Steps

When Beth and I sold our home and left New York, we figured on a three-month tour of Georgia, the Carolinas and Tennessee. We started in February 2022 and here it is nearly August. Obviously, we extended the original plan!

When we are finished with sunmmer in New England, our plan will be to put the mobile part of our Adventure on pause. With the help of friends, Gary and Judy Siegel, we’ve found a carriage house in a place called Youngsville, NY. It’s located in the Catskill Mountains (Sullivan County) about 10 minutes from Liberty and 5 minutes from Jeffersonville, NY. It’s also very close to hotspots like Callicoon and Livingston Manor.

If all goes as planned, we’ll park the trailer around Labor Day and stay put until Memorial Day of 2023.

Sullivan County has all of the things we’ve been looking for in our next home. It’s rural with small, charming cities close by and 90 minutes from the hectic pace of NYC. That works for us!

In Sullivan, moseying is the natural pace (aaaaah), yet it’s close enough to the people we know in Westchester so we can visit family and friends. The Catskills have all four seasons and plenty of green space where we can hike and bike and not see a car on the road for miles! Oh – and one can still find homes for $200K.

The carriage house is much smaller than our Yorktown Heights home, but we don’t need 2000 square feet anymore. We’ve lived in a tiny camper! Fortunately, we will have access to a barn for storage, a main house for laundry, and – get this – a hot tub! That last item sealed the deal for Beth.

Of course, we have mixed feelings about this move. I’ve already moved through some grief and fear and I expect there to be more as we get closer to the event. This is a new place and while we have two great friends in Gary and Judy, we’re going to be starting over in so many ways.

That said, Bierko Strong is a real thing, now, and I’m sure that we can handle most of what life throws at us. The stuff we cannot handle is God’s job, so that works just fine, too.

Speaking of God, I wrote a post some weeks back about Runway Lights and how they light up when you’re on course. Well, this move to Youngsville is like that, too. It’s been effortless. We’ve felt as if we’ve been gently, but surely guided to be there. When that happens, I’ve learned to let it happen and just continue flying towards the landing strip.

As of this writing, my inclination is to keep writing, though perhaps not as frequently as in the past. I want to stay in-touch with the written word and ya’ll, so let’s plan on meeting here a couple of times per week. We started this journey a few months before we took off, so it makes sense to see it through re-entry, at the very least.


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