My Wife, the Psychic

I’ll admit it: My Wife, the Psychic is probably the strangest track on the album!

Once upon a time, Beth and I attended weekly therapy with Sarah Rubin, a powerful healer in Katonah, New York. Sarah was one of our favorite practitioners and over the years she taught us a lot of life lessons, guiding us through many difficult passages in our marriage and family life.

One of Sarah’s talents was her connection to her Spirit Guides, a fact that stirred the writer in me to wonder, “what would it be like to have a partner who speaks with Spirits?” It was an easy jump, then, to write a song based upon my narrator’s initial shock at learning his beloved was a psychic.

At the time, I must have been influenced by Paul Simon’s humor as well as his guitar playing because the tune shares a lot with songs like “Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard” or the less-popular, “Think Too Much,” from Simon’s Hearts and Bones CD (my favorite).

“Psychic” is a challenging song to play and sing because the words and the chords need to be executed almost flawlessly to make it all fit. That makes it fun, but also a little dangerous.

Unlike the other tunes on the CD where producer Marshall Toppo executed the arrangments, Psychic is entirely based on the original demo I created in my home studio. We added sax and an organ later on, but the vocals and the other instruments are pretty much me.

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