Bradley’s Operation

I’ve been lucky. Our wonderful canine companion, Bradley, has been so easy to travel with on this Adventure. Like many RVers, we might leave behind a home but we take our pets along for the ride. They are family.

A couple of months ago, we noticed a strange, pea-sized growth inside Brad’s ear. Unfortunately, it kept growing. When we brought it to our vet’s attention, he asked if it bothered Brad. At the time, the answer was “nope,” so we decided to let it ride. Animals have growths like this and it’s often very unnecessary to put them through the pain of surgery. And it can be expensive.

Fast forward to now and things have changed. Brad started obsessing over the thing and we had to cone him so that we could try some topical treatments. No go. He would rather bite the hand that feeds him than accept our help. Sigh. He’s always been a fighter since we adopted him 14 years ago.

So, tomorrow he goes under the knife. Will he have a scar or will they take off a part of his ear? Of course, I’d like the former and not the latter, but the ear is a tricky location, says my vet. Sometimes, the surgeon lops off a section of ear because it’s much easier for it to heal. Ugh.

I’m not squeamish or sentimental, but I do love the little guy. He’s at my feet wherever I go. We enjoy one another. We’re buddies. I just want him to go on being his scruffy, streetwise self sitting in the back of our truck until he jumps out and helps us greet a new campsite.

Pain and loss are inevitable, of course, and I’ve felt the sting that comes with a dog’s aches, bruises and declining health many times in my life. I guess that this time, I am also watching people in my family and my friends and those I know in the entertainment and sports worlds get older. It’s not just Brad. It’s all of us and even our world that feels like it’s in decline.

The Adventure, sadly, does not last forever, so let’s hug one another or, if appropriate, give them a treat!

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