A Bicycle Trip for Two

We left our camper and Bradley in it at 9:00 am with our bicycles in the back of the truck. Twenty minutes later, we were biking a paved trail in Franconia Notch that, of course, began with an uphill climb. 

As I reported yesterday, today was to be a trial of our stamina. As it turned out, that wasn’t all I learned. 

Quickly, we reconvened and made an agreement: If it was too hard, we’d turn back. 

If one of us felt overwhelmed, we’d turn back. And, as importantly, we were not here to prove anything to ourselves about completing the trail. However far we got was going to be okay. Period.

As a man who has worked hard at NOT being macho, I made sure to get off my bike and walk it up steep or long hills from the start. Doing this helped Beth to feel like she had a partner and – it turns out – allowed us both to go further and have more fun. That was my big learning.

We also made time for breaks, stopping to check out the geological rock formations or taking a moment to check in with one another about our stamina. 

After about 7 miles, we turned around. It was time to go back and be with Bradley. The return trip was 80% downhill, so we flew back to the truck with great speed and delight. 

“Hooray for us,” said Beth.


The Basin – one of Henry David Thoreau’s favorite spots

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