Hiking with Brad!

Early this morning, we took a 15 mile drive from the White Mountains to Crawford Notch Park. Our goal was to see Arethusa Falls and we succeeded.

My favorite part of the day was watching Bradley on the trails. At 14, he’s still got great energy and he is very clever navigating boulders, downed trees and water.

The trickiest part came when we took an alternate trail back to the truck. The Bemis Trail, as it’s called, turned out to have a very steep decline for about 1/8 of a mile as it bends down to the river. All three of us took it very slowly!

The reward was two more falls and another pool before the Beni’s rejoined Arethusa near the parking lot. What a great way to finish the hike!

Back at the campsite, now, we applied ourselves to some work projects for an hour or two. These days, I don’t see myself as either working or vacationing. It’s both and it’s neither!

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