Littleton, NH

Our friend and colleague, Melanie R., suggested that we check out Littleton, NH. Rain was in today’s forecast, so off we went!

The first thing we saw was a big food co-op that Melanie told us about. We decided to check it out on our way out of town. I thought to myself, “its probably one of those tiny stores with tea tree oil, lingonberry soap and high prices.” More later.

Littleton ain’t so little! There’s a sizable Main Street with lots of places to window shop and wander in and out of in search of a gift or something nice for yourself. The pace is moderately slow (like me) and the vibe is friendly (me, most of the time).

This friendliness is likely because they call themselves “the glad town.” All of the pedestrian crossings have a drawing of a school girl and the words “Stop, Look and Wave.” At first I this was goofy, but by the end I noticed that pedestrians are very safe here. Given that the town is bustling with families, dogs and semi drunk brewery visitors, this slow pace makes sense.

After a walk from one side of town to the next, we hit the street down by the river. There we found a park full of percussion instruments. How cool is that? Beth and I got busy composing with the sound of the river roaring behind us.

After a lunch at a brewery featuring thin sliced pizza (mmmm), we bought some gifts and motored over to the food co-op.

Boy, was I wrong. If you know Trader Joe’s, this place was like it on steroids. (Okay, that’s a bad expression when you’re shopping for meat.) Suffice to say that I got everything I needed and a little more. Why does good food make me so happy?

Stay tuned!

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