A Tuesday Full of Treats

Throughout the country, there are many, many men who refer to themselves as Smoothie Kings. Long before the chain of the same name, friends like Rich A. and Bob H. were known in their homes for their prowess with a blender. So, it was with respect for his abilities that Beth and I enjoyed two custom-made, Bob H. smoothies this morning in Chatham.

Next, we took Bradley and Smudge (Bob and Linda’s dog) for a long walk at a 57-acre preserve just for dog walking. Wow! 

The day only improved from there! After visiting the dock where local fishermen bring in their morning catch, Linda H. treated us to her homemade lobster rolls, pickles and chips. I haven’t had lobster in YEARS, so it was quite a treat.

After lunch, we sat down for another rich discussion with Bob then helped Beth film a yoga class in front of a seaside vista. This is a beautiful place to film.

Late this afternoon, we visited a homemade cheese store and picked up dinner at a pizza restaurant on the way home. 

The day wasn’t over, though, because it was time to go to see Rose Clancy and a group of Irish musicians play some reels and ballads at a small, local theatre after which the band treated everyone to black bread, Irish butter, crapple jam and fresh-brewed tea.

The final song was Stuart Stotts’ “In My Mother’s House,” a great song to end a great day.

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