After Darkness Comes the Light

The song, “After Darkness Comes the Light,” is what Kenny Rogers used to call a “little song.” Not to demean these compositions, the intent is to execute a simple, easy to follow lyric and melody that could be sung by anyone who wants to sing along AND to make it touch the heart. And that isn’t simple!

When Beth and I perform “Darkness” live, we take turns with the vocal because it has the flexibility to be a sweet duet. In that case, it becomes two lovers acknowledging that it’s time to go to bed and work on their problems after a night’s rest. (Personally, I have found that the old adage, “never go to bed angry,” doesn’t work for all of our problems.)

A great marriage inevitably contains periods of discord. These are the moguls that we learn to ski. Hopefully, they become less life-threatening as we get more skilled and we can see the bumps coming so we don’t wipe out. At least, that’s the plan!

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