Be Here Now

Friday and Saturday were two more action-packed days with Linda and Bob in Chatham, MA. Friday featured a long bike ride, a fabulous sushi dinner, The Chatham Band playing music at the gazebo and ice cream. Saturday started with Beth teaching some yoga (I took her class for the first time in six months), Linda’s beautiful salad featuring a burrata and homemade chicken salad, a relaxing day spent walking, napping and working on a video (for me), dinner at a Japanese-Seafood fusion restaurant and a theatrical production of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Truthfully, I spent a couple of hours of my day writing a post on Facebook and then marveling at the responses to it. Like many times before on this Adventure, I posted something showing my vulnerability and other Facebookers responded as advice-givers, fellow “sufferers” and supporters. It brought a tear to my eye as I felt all of the energy from so many people flowing back to me. I’m definitely more open to feelings after this trip.

As the Cape Cod portion comes to a close (on Tuesday morning), we will continue our trek towards Youngsville, New York where we’ll be staying until Spring 2023. As is my practice these days, I can feel a mix of sadness, anxiety, wonder and joy inside me when I look back on this Adventure and forward to the next one. That said, I’ve been so “In the Present Moment” with Bob and Linda this week, that there’s been not nearly enough time to get a good brood going! Keeping active, then, is a good way to counter an overabundance of sadness when we want to move on with our life!

It’s getting near 10:00 a.m., the time when these posts go out. I’ll close with an intention. My intention is to stay present today, to move with our friends’ plans with a healthy amount of reflection (not judgment) and self-care. I intend to move away from the tendency to isolate and, instead, take a risk to be where I am at that moment. Perhaps I can use gratitude or prayer, too.

May you have a day filled with whatever you need!

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