Moby Dick and the Humpback Ten

Thursday was a traveling day on the Cape. The plan was to skip breakfast, drive north and enjoy a day in Wellfleet and Provincetown (P-Town).

I had to do a little bit of food shopping for Bradley. Have I mentioned that I cook his food? Yup. The Little Prince has hamburger or turkey meat with a little bit of kibble and seaweed calcium every meal. Evidently, I’m one of THOSE pet owners. In reality, I learned a long time ago that most dogs hate the food we humans give them from a bag, box or can. They much prefer our food, so it is my pleasure to cook for this important member of my family who devours his food with relish. But I digress.

On the way home from the grocery store, I stopped at a famous Chatham eatery, The Corner Store, an establishment Bob told me made the best breakfast burritos on the Cape. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a superb breakfast burrito (on the set of a western my brother was filming in LA), so I was game to see if this place could top that moment. And it did! If you’re ever in Chatham, MA you must stop and try one of their burritos. Trust me. (I split it with Beth because – hey – the whole family gets a great meal, right?)

Back at the ranch, the four of us humans took off for Wellfleet at mid-morning. Our first destination was Moby Dick’s, the seafood restaurant owned by our fraternity brother, Todd Barry, and his wife, Migs. The miles passed by in laughter and good conversation as they have this whole week and we pulled up to the restaurant long before the lunchtime crowd. This was Bob’s plan, so that Todd could spend some time with us before the rush. Have I mentioned that Bob is a great planner? Well, he’s a master.

Well, I probably shouldn’t embarrass Mr. Barry or out his generosity, but suffice to say that we enjoyed a meal without opening our wallets. Not only was the food we ordered amazing (Scallop Sandwich for me, Chowder for Beth) but Todd surprised us by ordering up some Wellfleet oysters that had just been delivered. He served them to us with a mignonette that blew the doors off those fresh delicacies. For the second time in a day, I had reached food heaven!

Bob, Todd and Scott

I was curious about how Todd found his help and housed them, so he told us how he begins to work with worldwide sources for finding good servers and cooks beginning in the winter. Over the years, he’s also bought up some housing (right next to his own home) where the seasonal staff can live comfortably. All of this requires a lot of diligence, time, money and creativity. Hats off to Todd, local restaurant owners and others who need to develop alternative ways to keep the doors open. “If you can believe it,” said Todd, “not one single, local person walked in here looking for a job.” Sad but true. Evidently, our local kids don’t want to work as hard as those who come from other countries. Of course, we left them a healthy tip to thank them for their efforts.

Saying goodbye to Todd, we made our way to P-Town where the agenda was to amble around town and then board a Whale Watching vessel from 4-7pm. I’ve been to the area once (28 years ago) but I did not remember the place that is P-Town. I would compare it to a carnival. Everywhere you look there’s more color, outrageously vibrant and full of energy. I really felt as if I was in an amusement park for adults, so much so that I opted to stop in my first cannabis store to see what that was like. Have you ever been to a dispensary?

Contrary to the picture in my mind courtesy of the media, this place was not overflowing with jars of marijuana. Instead, they featured THC, CBD (and a host of other acronyms) in products that were packaged. My guess is that there was probably a bunch of the other “real” stuff in the back room, but in the customer area, it was like entering a spa. With the help of a cashier, I purchased an edible to quell my anxiety and boost creativity. Heck, when in Rome…

After harmonizing with a local musician, watching Bob buy some funky pants and a stroll up and down the main street, we made our way to the ship, the Dolphin X, and took our seats.

When one goes looking for whales, there is no guarantee that one will find them. But find them we did! Our fearless crew found 10 humpback whales who seemed ready to entertain us with their tale-slapping, fin-twisting and breaching behaviors. In other words, we got a big show for our money that left all of us (including this somewhat jaded New Yorker) with open jaws and happy hearts. Bob, to his credit, shed some tears when he felt a strong connection to these wonderful, fellow creatures. That’s one of the reasons I love him.

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