In Your Own Time

The final track on the album is appropriately named, “In Your Own Time.” I say this because this album took me a long time to make, but It happened when the time was right.

There are 3 verses here and each one bears a resemblance to people I have known or they are a reflection of my own experience.

Michael and Mary live in the same home, but they separate after dinner to do their own thing.

David just can’t connect with his father despite years of trying.

And Emily finds herself in the middle of a triangle between her mom and dad.

The common thread is that they will each come to a crossroad and think, “should I stay or should I go?” like the old Clash song.

Having taken this Adventure, I’ve heard from many friends that they would like to do something similar but feel they cannot do so for one reason or another. Like the characters in my song, they will probably have opportunities to move when they’re ready, but there’s no guarantee. Eventually, a door does close.

Luckily, I made this album before the door closed forever. I kind of wish I had done it 30 years ago, but Que Sera Sera. I’m proud that I made it. I like the songs, the people who made it sound better, and 90 % of it makes me smile.

May we all Create Without Caution in our own time.

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