TV Land

“Grandma took her wig off/ And removed each Bobby pin/ Poured herself some Quinine Water/ And a healthy shot of gin/ Turned on the RCA television/ Turned off her busy mind/ Had a little chicken and a 2nd drink/ And now she’s feeling fine.

Such begins “TV Land,” my nod to an upbringing that prominently featured food, drinks and television, especially at my Nana’s apartment.

This was great fun to write, especially the way the TV shows strung together in the B sections. Beth and I had a session where we named TV shows and we honestly could not believe how many we remembered. Sadly, I can name ten times more TV shows than I can species of birds, trees or dinosaurs. The same would be true of pop music, cars or baseball players. Mine was not a childhood spent learning about nature so much as witnessing the birth of brands and celebrities.

When we traveled out west, I noticed that my peers were much more able to farm wild rice, repair a roof or raise livestock. They couldn’t name the cast of The Loveboat, though, and probably couldn’t sing the Gilligan’s Island or Adams Family theme songs with confidence.

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