Before the Dawn

During the fall and winter (my favorite seasons), I enjoyed rising early while all of the other Bierkos were safely tucked-in. In our old home, pre-adventure, the floor to ceiling windows came alive with color as the earth rotated towards the morning sun. This was joy for me and the genesis of today’s feature track, “Before the Dawn.”

I wrote a lot of my song lyrics during these hours with a dog or two at my side and a fire in the wood stove. Sky Masterson (Guys & Dolls) called this pre-dawn time “My Time of Day,” though I think in his case it was after a night of carousing 😉

Quiet time is essential for most of the songwriters I know. It’s when we can hear our Muse or spend necessary hours crafting. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of great lyrics are the result of quiet toil, not a lightning bolt of inspiration. At least, that’s my experience.

Like a solo walk in the woods, I enjoy a brief period (2-3 hours, ideally) where I can turn away from the business of being a human DOING and reconnect to the playfulness of being a spiritual, playful human BEING. Such is the space where “Before the Dawn” lives in my heart.

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