The Conversation

The narrator of this story is lonely, living in Greenwich Village and desperate to begin a new relationship. Unfortunately, his fantasy lover doesn’t even want to have “The Conversation.”

There’s a little bit of me in this story. I lived in the Village in my 20s and often walked past Christopher Street where the gay bars spilled out onto the sidewalk. It was, in that neighborhood, “raining men” and even a heterosexual like me could sense the erotic heat and need that was everywhere.

Something of that experience must have stuck in my subconscious because the song strikes me as one-part imagination and another part experience. I must have mined my own loneliness while living in a city full of people, so many of whom were afraid to venture past the four walls of their internal prison.

John Ragusa’s flute lines elevate the arrangement to a whole new level – elegant and sad, all at once.

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