We arrived at our last campsite in Moodus, Connecticut, yesterday. We’ll be here for one more night and then we’ll travel to our new home in Sullivan County, NY where we’ll be “camping” for 8-10 months.

I call it camping because it’s temporary just like everything else we’ve done in the last 7 months. We’re renting a small carriage house in Youngsville (near Callicoon and Jeffersonville and the Delaware River) and we expect to be there most of the time, but certainly, we reserve the right to return to our mobile existence. If we like it, though, it’s possible that we’ll buy something in the Catskills and plant some roots. Time and experience will tell!

Yesterday, we began setting intentions for the next couple of weeks. Top of my list was getting out for some hikes – grounding into the environment and enjoying nature –  and reconnecting with Beth. We’ve had a series of pleasurable encounters with friends staying in their homes or driveways, so we’ve been part of a foursome more often than not. Truth is, Beth is my spouse, lover, best friend, and business partner, but sometimes I wander away and disconnect from her. It’s not exactly taking her for granted, but when I am busy reconnecting with friends or wooing clients, I can sometimes “forget” about this most important person. My guess is that many of my married people do this, especially those of us who have enjoyed decades of togetherness.

As I write this, Beth is teaching her yoga class outdoors as she’s done five days per week in Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and, now, Connecticut. While yours truly has been reaching out to you with these words and images, Beth has been keeping the connection with her yoga and reiki tribes. God bless her for the perseverance, dedication, and creativity she brings to this important part of our lives. If you have any desire to do yoga, to reconnect with your beautiful body, mind, and spirit, you owe it to yourself to become a student at It would also be a great service to Beth & Scott for you to join her, to become a client and help fund the next chapter in our life. Okay, end of commercial!

Sample class filmed on Cape Cod

I want to send a special shout-out to Eric Wenzel and Bixby and Holly Brink, three people who allowed us to stay in their homes or driveways. There may be others, so please forgive me as my mind searches through the journey behind us and remembers to express my deep gratitude for your generosity.

I am thankful.


  1. Dennis Ronberg

    I have so enjoyed your travels and observations and look forward to your future adventures. As you may know, my Amyloidosis has confined me to a nifty electric wheelchair 🦼 ( thanks to Vietnam and agent Orange ) so it’s fun to read what you can do when your legs work ( I still get around in a more limited manner ). Any special reason you confined your adventures to the eastern U.S.? Fellow CMN member Dennis Ronberg

    1. Post

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for writing and for following our Adventure. In 2021, we took a monthlong trip from New York to Montana, stopping in most of the northern states on our route. Next, we plan on visiting the southwest!

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