Every Ending is a Beginning

Our last full day on the road was a light one, by design. After Beth’s classes, we visited a state park that was the former home of an actor named William Gillette. Although Gillette was better known for other roles in his prime, his lasting influence was creating the stage portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

View from Gillette’s Castle

In his time, Gillette was wealthy, so he built a fortress in Hamden, CT that was definitely worth a look, inside and out. Beth and I enjoyed the tour and the grounds abutting the Connecticut River.

Coming home to the camper we’ve called home since February, we headed to the pool located on our campground for a relaxing, midday swim. There we met a family of circus performers – really nice folk – enjoying a day off from their hectic summer schedule. Beth enjoyed chatting with the parents while I listened to their 10 year old son, Andrew, share about being a tumbler and his plans to repopulate the world with dinosaurs. I love talking to kids.

My job, to some degree, is all about listening and talking to kids like Andrew. I love honoring their thoughts and feelings and then creating together. I do it, in part, because there was no one go teach me how to write a song at 10 years old and I desperately wanted to! Eventually, I figured it out, but it would have been easier to have a mentor like me.

As we get ready for the new school year, I look forward to some long term residency programs songwriting with kids. I’ll also be doing some work with adults, too, as a songwriting teacher for The Red Door Community and other cancer support groups.

So, as we hitch the trailer up tomorrow morning and drive southwest to our new home, it’s with mixed emotions. I loved the Adventure and I am enriched beyond measure as a result. I’m going to be sad for awhile – and that’s okay.

But I’m also feeling a jolt of excitement for what lies ahead. I’m curious, relaxed, worried and happy. Most of all, I’m feeling very satisfied about this trip. I’m proud of Beth, Brad and me. Im proud of this blog which was started months before we left the driveway in Yorktown. Our intention was to see, learn and grow and we did it!

As I’ve said before, thank you for being with me. And stay tuned – the Adventure of being in the Catskills is all new to us. I look forward to your interest and support.

Until we meet again…

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