Fresh Grass: Day 2 and the Java Brew

Well, it’s official. I’d rather hear classic bluegrass than Newgrass or any other genre at a Bluegrass Festival. I’m not entirely sure why the programmers brought in Gary Clark, Jr. (yawn) or Skip Marley (enjoyed dancing), but it clarified for me that I’ll take Del McCoury, Willie Watson or Jerry Douglas in a heartbeat. Those guys don’t need to play loud. They’re masters of their trade. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I think Willie Watson was my greatest discovery on day 2. His band was crackerjack good and I loved his high tenor, choice of songs and easeful stage manner.

Willie Watson and his new band

One of the other reasons I like this genre is their willingness to sing sad songs, ballads about murder or just play without singing. The variety is very pleasing to me. (My stepdad, Jim, doesn’t like the singing, but I’m a sucker for those shining harmonies.)

How about you?

This morning, I met a father and son in the bathroom at 8am before Beth’s yoga class.

“Morning!” I said. “How ya doing?”

“Surviving,” said the Dad. “”No coffee, yet.”

When I was in college (1980-84) caffeine was not a thing. At least it wasn’t in Lancaster, PA. We did drugs, but not that one.

Ain’t it amazing how caffeine has become part of the everyday routine in terms of our bodies? It’s one of the reasons, I guess, that I’ve witnessed the growth of wine, bourbon and beer industries in my life. I’m guessing they are, in part, sedatives needed to quell the anxiety that occurs from a 24 oz Frappuccino at 3pm.

Lest you think me immune to the pleasant jolt needed to awaken the sleeping-beast, I am a longtime fan, too. It’s part of the way I bring focus to my work and it just, well, works.

But how did the 20 year old Scott function perfectly well without caffeine? I wonder.

I wonder if the bluegrass players – who have fingers that move at speeds unknown to most of us – imbibe or not? Do surgeons drink coffee or might they find their fingers shaking or their bodies crashing as the drug moves it’s wY through their bodies? Does anyone know? (Let’s make some noise!)

“Speed is the enemy of sensitivity,” said someone. Hmmmm.

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