Fresh Grass: Day 3

I got what I needed from this time away. We took a trip in the camper re-establishing our connection to the mobile life. We hung out with some new friends and we got to listen, sing and dance.

The day 3 highlight for me was a British singer named Yola.


With a powerful voice that was equal parts Adele, Janis, and Aretha, she blew us all away. I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more of her in the future. Taj Mahal did a great job and so did Sierra Hull, but Yola’s voice just soared and grabbed me by the…well, you know.

Overall, I’d give the festival an A+ for a few reasons:

The venue. Mass MoCA is a really cool space indoors and out. The cost of the tickets included access to the museum which featured some really great exhibits (and that’s coming from a guy who typically hates museums). The four stages weren’t far apart and all of them were unique and comfortable.

Mass MoCA – A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco (Mark Swanson)

The performers. While I didn’t love everyone, there was a diverse roster of artists for everyone to enjoy, so the variety served as a palette cleanser for me.

The Del McCoury Band

The price. $175 for a three-day festival is super cheap compared to the cost of seeing artists in concert these days.

Scott, Beth, Mary and Mark at Fresh Grass 2022

Do you have a favorite festival? I’d like to know because we want to attend more. Please leave a comment and let us know your favorites and maybe we can go together!

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