The Little Red Carriage House

Today’s post features some photos of our new place in Youngsville, NY.

Like the story of The Three Bears – when Goldilocks discovers the middle path is just right – we’ve got a home that’s just right for our needs. (That sounds like it could be a Buddhist story.)

Next week, we’ll fetch the storage items we’ve got in Yorktown Heights and put them in the barn next to the carriage house and we’ll be reunited with all of our belongings. That will give us access to some things we need, stuff we’ll probably give away and avoid the need to be paying $350 per month in storage costs!

View from the Driveway
The Driveway and the Garage

Yep. That’s a long driveway. Luckily, the owner of the property has someone come and plow it when the snow arrives. We’ll be responsible for shoveling from the driveway to the house.

Camper at Rest

The Camper will be used at the end of next week when we go to Fresh Grass, a music festival in North Adams, MA. We’re looking forward to a brief stint on the road and enjoying some music with friends!

The Main House

The owner of the property, Don, is a great guy. He allows us to use the laundry machines at the house and the hot tub, too! Beth has already invested some time with both!

First Floor (living space, kitchen)
My Office Space
Steps to the Loft Bedroom
The Loft Bedroom

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