Request for Readers Who Write

Today’s post is a repeat of one from earlier in the fall, a request for submissions to this blog from YOU. We will return to our regularly scheduled broadcast on Saturday!

I am going to steal a concept from one of our favorite magazines,The Sun, and initiate a new monthly part of the Adventure called “Readers Write.” So, here’s the deal…

I will pick a topic in advance for the month. Your assignment, if you’re willing to participate, is to send me a non-fiction piece on that topic by the 30th or 31st of the previous month. So, if November’s topic is “Gratitude” (and it is), you would email me your piece by October 31.

Here’s some samples from The Sun:

Sending it to me means that you’re giving me permission to include it in a future blog post. That said, I declare myself the benevolent editor who has permission to lightly revise your work AND determine if what you send me feels like it will work well for this group (what power I possess). I also reserve the right to post a portion on Facebook to encourage people to come to the blog and read your great stories!

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As far as content, let’s tell one another a TRUE STORY of something that happened to you that makes you think of the topic. It can be happy, sad or anything else! There’s no need to tell us what it taught you or pontificate in any way, shape or form. Just tell the story. As one writer said, “Show, don’t tell.”

Again, here’s some more samples from the current issue of The Sun:

When “publishing” I will only use your first name and last initial. And, if you prefer, I can post it as “Name Withheld” if that allows you to be more honest. LMK what you prefer.

Here’s the first topics due by the 30 or 31st of the previous month:

November – Gratitude (due October 31)

December – Holidays (due November 30)

January – Boating (Due December 31)

Happy Writing!

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