Friday is the last day of a residency in Dix Hills, NY where we spent five days facilitating our program, “Mindfulness in Motion.” The kids were fun to be with and I enjoyed teaching them and dancing, too! I’m a little sore after six sessions per day all week, but it feels good knowing that we brought some joy to the community at Vanderbilt Elementary.

“MiM” is our spin on a popular Kripalu program called “Let Your Yoga Dance.” It’s one-part yoga, one-part dance and one part sharing mindfulness tenets and techniques. We haven’t done it since the pandemic began, so it took a couple of sessions before we returned to form. Beth shines as a leader in this program!

Tonight, Beth is teaching two yoga classes in our hotel room, so I took a spin to the local Walmart for some needed supplies. As I write this, I’m sitting in the parking lot next to the Premier Diner in Commack. Soon, I’ll share some dinner with our friends, Holly and Bixby.

As you may recall, I was triggered by the traffic and other stimulation in this area last month. That seems to have abated considerably due to prolonged exposure. I suppose I’m getting more resilient as we move from the countryside to the suburbs or the cities and back again. I’ll be curious if I still feel the same after another week of shows between now and December 23.

Before I ring off, I want to acknowledge that I am no longer grieving Bradley every day. We will do something to honor him this weekend while our daughters are home, so that might bring up some tears. But I’ve passed through the period where I think about him constantly or long for his presence. It’s sad, in a way, that we humans have the ability to move on, but I’m glad for it. Life feels like it would be unbearable if I couldn’t let go of the suffering.

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