Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah! And Merry Christmas from Florida!

I’m the first Bierko to rise on this, Christmas morning. Our youngest daughter, Steph, is asleep in the living room and Beth is taking advantage of what we call “second sleep.” This is a name we coined while RVing around the country and we’d wake up and then go back to bed on a rainy or non-travel day. Today, Beth’s second sleep comes after our whispered “Merry Christmas” to one another, before we get up to start the day and as a result of spending the last three weeks in near-constant motion. Sleep on, Beth!

I like these extra moments in bed, post-child-raising, because they go with the comfort of knowing that it’s always a fine time to enjoy some more downtime – when we can. We still have lots of early days when we need to rise at 6 am or earlier for work, so why not sleep when the chickens have been fed, the cows milked and the stalls mucked? (Can you tell we’ve been watching “Heartland”?)

In less than an hour, I’ll be taking a turn facilitating an online meeting of our ACA group, so my gang will have to rise fairly soon. It’s a speaker meeting, today, so my responsibilities are fewer. That’s good. I prefer being the MC, the person who directs the flow of traffic, to the guy or gal in the hot seat offering their strength, wisdom and hope. I can do all of those things pretty well, but I prefer to listen and learn some days. In fact, when I’m not singing, I usually prefer to be pretty quiet during the holidays. Maybe that’s my “third sleep”?

I have very few expectations of what Christmas in chilly Florida will be like today. It’s definitely weird that we have given up our family home where everyone gathers. Instead, we’ll meet at Helen’s apartment (she’s our eldest) to open a few presents and bbq some chicken this afternoon. Helen’s boyfriend, Tate, seems like a really good guy. He’s kind of quiet around us, but I’m sure I can get him talking. I am a good MC, after all. I’ll try and remember to take some photos! Most importantly, we’re here and we’re together. My friend, Joe, said it’s a kind’ve miracle that we made it here given the weather. He’s right!

Stranded Travelers

I wonder how all of you are doing? Did you make it to your destination? Did your loved ones get stranded? Feel free to drop me a text or an email or pick up the phone – especially if you need a friendly ear. In any case, I wish you a warm day inside and some love to fill your heart.

Beth is up. And I can hear that the horses are ready for their water and hay. or is that just my stomach?

May peace be with you, my friends and family.

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