The Real Destination

I just learned that two of our wonderful friends, Linda and Bob H., might be in St. Louis when we roll through that part of the country late summer or early fall. The always-funny, Lisa H., said, “come on by” when we go through Ohio and our dear friends, Kevin B. and Suzy J., have already signaled that they should be around when we mosey through North Carolina.

We were lucky to have a brief chat and some hugs with fellow musicians, Sandi and Paul, when we stopped in Katonah, yesterday, and I know that Bill G. will be excited to have us stay in Bryn Mawr when we will likely see fellow ACA community members and some of Beth’s PA family.

Being in Sullivan, we’re getting to spend lots of time with Gary and Judy and I expect we’ll spend more time with Don and all the other great people we’ve met through them.

Today, we’re in East Northport, NY, doing a week’s worth of gigs, but we’re also visiting with Holly, Bixby, Sam, Buddy, Cason, Theresa, Ricky, Hannah, Peter, Sandra, Alex, Dean, Christine and Bentley.

Sure, traveling means seeing new things and having some fresh experiences, all of which are great. But hitting the road is also an opportunity to nurture and grow friendships with in-person, informal visits that nourish the soul. John Lennon said, “ Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Right on.

This weekend, we’ll return to Westchester on the way back to the Catskills. There, we’ll see our daughters, Helen and Steph, plus Helen’s new beau, Tate, and Steph’s traveling buddy, Becca. We’ll also see my mom, Jim, Leah (if she’s recovered from Covid), Chris, Char, Em, my brother, Craig, snd Jessica. Likely, we’ll get to spend more time with Paul, Sandi, Elaine and Wally, too.

Next week, we’ve got another full slate of holiday gigs and then it’s off to Florida for a week with Helen.

As we go on, there’s going to be people we miss. For example, I long to hang out with Joe and Lisa, Blake and Sharon, Brian A,, Tom and Louise, Harding and Jennifer and I want to see Scott M., Amy G., too. In time, I guess.

The reality will be, if we’re lucky, that we continue to develop friendships AND that we’ll never be able to see everyone as much as we’d like. That longing isn’t a bad thing. It’s better by far than feeling lonely or bored.

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