I have been absent due to an expansion in my life that’s taking up a lot of my time – Yoga Teacher Training. There are lots of techniques to practice, read and assimilate, so I’ve put posting on hold for a while. Please forgive me!

The Ashaya Path is transforming me. You might say it’s sculpting me! One of the metaphors Todd Norian likes to use is when someone asked Michaelangelo how he created his marble statue of David. According to the story, M. replied “David was always in the stone. My job was to remove the parts that were not part of the statue.” I get it.

I am learning a very extensive alignment technique as the foundation of my practice. It’s very structured and grounded like the base of a marble statue might be. Moving upwards, though, I am being encouraged to find an equal amount of flow and expansiveness. This is like the sky. When we put the two together, it’s freedom within the form. The same is true for meditation, breathing, and chanting – all important, integrated parts of the training.

In short, my mind is being blown. My body is stretching in ways that I’ve never moved and I am releasing a lot of stored psychic crap. It’s very beautiful, really, and my expectations are being exceeded by the two teachers, Todd and Cheryl.

I will write more. Right now, we’re on our way to Westchester with two shows on Monday and two on Tuesday. I’ll be interested to see if/how what I’m practicing makes its way into my experience on stage, singing or playing.

P.S. It’s been three weeks since I removed Facebook from my phone. I’m enjoying the nearly complete respite from social media and plan to extend it through June 2022. After that, I’ll reassess. In the meantime, this space and you, my friends, will be my refuge for sharing. Bless you for being by my side.

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