The Shift

Yesterday, I created a file on my Google Drive entitled “Scott’s Blog.” From there, I went into the archives to copy and paste every blog post since I began this effort in December 2022, just over one year ago. It’s the first step to deciding, “Is there a book here?”

There’s obviously some forward motion taking place inside of me that’s manifesting on the outside. I’ve started my teacher training, restarted my ACA 12-Steps and I’m making moves on a potential book project. It feels like I’m expanding, but I simultaneously feel very grounded in my actions. That’s a great feeling akin to grabbing an idea out of the air and making it into a song. We bring it all toward our heart and then it becomes something we can share.

In my Ashaya yoga training, we learned that expansion can be symbolized by the upward-facing triangle of a star. This upward triangle represents the flow of energy toward the upper three chakras (energy centers from the base of the spine to the forehead). The downward-facing triangle represents the downward flow of energy and moves toward the three lower chakras. In the center is the heart.

In all of us, there is always the flow of energy going in both directions and our job is to be conscious of both energies and balance and trust them. When we do so, “magic” starts happening – expansion and groundedness all at once!

Lately, I have reaffirmed an old lesson about light and dark as it exists in every human. Like you, I am a mix of both, so it makes perfect sense that when we are in touch with our deeper selves, we experience days of delight and moments of melancholy. It’s just the upward and downward energies seeking out balance. And it is, for me, hard to accept the swing between the polarities.

As artists and seekers, Beth and I have moved away from the mostly grounded state of full time householders. We swing between staying in one place for awhile and then we move. We switch from the city to the country and back again. We are still seeking our balance and we are doing so amidst personal loss and while our country and our world are in a state of political, social and environmental flux.

This is what we chose. We are doing this on purpose. We are not victims, even if we sometimes forget how wonderful and brave we are.

But…I think I am finding some balance, now. I feel a shift happening. Stay tuned!

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