We’ve had a mild winter in the Catskills of New York – until yesterday! The temperature is dipping below zero and with the wind chill it is between -17 and -23 degrees. Brrrrr!

To our dismay, Steph slept in her van last night somewhere in PA. Yikes! She has two “zero blankets,” but that doesn’t prevent us from worrying about her safety and discomfort. Once a parent, always a parent!

We’re expecting her sometime this afternoon, so Beth and I are discussing how to adapt our living arrangements to accommodate three people instead of two. One option we like is to turn the camper into Steph’s apartment. It won’t have running water, but it will have electric power and, potentially, propane power to run the refrigerator and the built in furnace. We’re currently testing everything for adequate heat.

Late Sunday morning, Beth and I have to travel to Westchester for a gig followed by two additional days on Long Island for songwriting workshops. I would have preferred to spend a few days with Steph before departing on a business trip, but “we gotta make the donuts.” I’m sure she’ll be fine here. Perhaps, this will be an opportunity for Steph to acclimate to this new environment without dear old Mom and Dad monitoring her every move.

As you might expect, we are a bit anxious about the change, but such is our life these days. The Universe keeps sending us new opportunities to practice feeling our feelings, collaborating with others and being in the present moment with curiosity and wonder.

Beth and I are very grateful that our children return to us, that our home is wherever we are. I thank God for the chance to love and be loved, to laugh and to learn with Steph and Beth.

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