I am happy to report that Steph has landed safely in Sullivan County. She barreled across the country in three days. Ah, youth!

We were able to spend less than 24 hours before we had to leave for gigs in Westchester and Long Island. Our reunion was brief but sweet. We will return on Tuesday in time for dinner.

Yesterday was a good day. We had another reunion with our old friend, Stan F., one of our favorite camp directors, who is now working at Camp Pinebrook in New Rochelle, NY. Stan and his boss, Allie, are veterans of the camping biz, total pros who we know from Mt. Tom Camp, also in New Rochelle. In addition to big hugs, we entertained about fifty 3-10 year old campers, counselors and parents who will be attending camp this summer. Good times!

We spent the night at Sandi and Paul’s house enjoying a delicious homemade dinner and a couple of hours of deep conversation before we retired for the evening and our early trek to Long Island.

As I write this, we are in our hotel, nearly ready for dinner and R&R once Beth completes a private yoga session and we both log a couple of business calls.

My heart is a bit heavy, tonight, even though we are connecting with friends, clients and family. We know so many people who are burdened by disease or difficult life situations. They are all making their way in spite of their challenges, but it’s still hard to know that these loving people are suffering.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni LOVE PEACE 💛💙 from Pixabay

I feel very fortunate that almost everyone we know and spend time with is willing to go deep with us. Even though there’s pain, there’s a shared belief that we can trust one another and move through difficult moments with honesty. This is very satisfying for us. We have nurtured terrific friendships.

As we begin another crop of songwriting workshops, I am confident that having an open heart with our friends and family will positively impact the creative process. As important, I know that all of our experiences and feelings will expand our hearts, allowing us to continue our recovery in ACA and help others do the same. The work we do is not just the stuff that pays our salary. To paraphrase Sting, it’s in every breath we take and every move we make

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